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Matthew Manyak

Matthew Manyak

Matthew Manyak


Who Am I?

Matthew Manyak is a dynamic filmmaker, author, and serial entrepreneur, whose journey into digitally-empowered creativity began at an early age. A graduate of Florida State University, Matthew's unwavering passion for storytelling and creativity has led him on a remarkable path, impacting various industries and leaving a profound mark in the world of film, marketing, and artificial intelligence.

About Me

During his formative years, Matthew was instinctively drawn to writing and storytelling. This inner calling ignited a desire to explore the world of video production.

In December 2012, he took up the camera and embarked on a journey of self-discovery, teaching himself the intricacies of digital video production. Throughout high school and college, Matthew honed his skills, determined to become a prominent Hollywood studio director. His dreams manifested when his films were showcased at renowned venues like the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles and the AMC Times Square in New York City. Notably, he also directed a season of an Amazon Prime independent series, garnering critical acclaim.

matthew manyak
Matthew Manyak

Embracing Change: A Journey of Adaptability and Diverse Expertise

Matthew's drive was simple yet powerful – to showcase the boundless possibilities when one wholeheartedly commits to pursuing their goals. However, the world posed unexpected challenges, and in 2019, when the lockdowns hit, he realized the importance of adaptability as a business owner. Drawing from his experiences in the film industry, Matthew had acquired a diverse skill set encompassing marketing, social media, video production, project management, and business management. This expertise allowed him to transition seamlessly into the commercial sphere, stepping away from the Hollywood limelight.

Empowering Businesses With AI: Guiding The Path To Success

Co-founding Noble Vision AI alongside Tony Aponte, Matthew has embarked on a mission to empower small businesses to embrace the limitless opportunities presented by AI. He seeks to allay any apprehensions surrounding this novel technology, providing unwavering support to facilitate its seamless adoption. Matthew firmly believes in the spirit of collaboration and creativity, consistently striving for excellence in every endeavor he pursues.

With his profound understanding of AI-powered creativity and prompt engineering, Matthew stands at the forefront of this exciting technological wave, determined to guide and inspire businesses toward unprecedented success. Embracing innovation and creativity, he envisions a future where businesses of all sizes can thrive in the digital age.

As Matthew Manyak continues to shape the landscape of AI automation and creativity, he remains committed to transforming the trajectory of small businesses and empowering them to unlock their full potential. Through his unyielding dedication and collaborative spirit, Matthew envisions a world where AI becomes an invaluable tool, propelling businesses to unparalleled heights of growth and success.

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